Patented Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Technology

What’s your EDD?™

Urology's ultimate men's sexual health & performance scorecard

You’re not performing well. You haven’t functioned in years. 

You can’t “keep it up.” You can no longer get it up.

 It’s not as hard as before. It seems to have gotten smaller.

You know you have some version of erectile dysfunction.

The question: which one(s) do you have?

Saying you have ED is like saying your car isn’t working the way it used to.

How do you fix a broken down or underperforming car?

You first diagnose exactly what’s not working. Is the problem with the ignition, the fuel, the starter, the carburetor, the transmission, the engine block, something else?

Are there multiple sources for the problem?

ED is only a symptom of other problems, it’s not a true diagnosis.

That’s why there will never be a singular ED cure.

Your best solution for erectile dysfunction depends on what’s within your EDD scorecard, available exclusively at Morganstern. 

Why is getting your EDD so important?

4,136 cases…and counting

We started a tally of patients who arrived at our clinic having never received a detailed diagnosis of their ED case.

Many tried advice from their primary care physician, some got “hustled” at men’s sexual health specialty clinics. Others visited a urologist. 

“Our pills will fix you.”

“This P-shot fixes everything!”

“Our magical wave treatments cure ED!”

“This injection is guaranteed to give you an erection.”

“You should get a penile implant.”

Does any of this sound familiar?

If you’ve tried any of these approaches, been promised solutions without results, or wasted lots of time and money on erection performance but still aren’t right?

You need your EDD.

What does EDD mean?

EDD is a custom diagnostic, scoring, and sexual health evaluation system developed exclusively by Morganstern Health for treating men with erectile dysfunction.

EDD is an acronym for Advanced Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics.

We provide the most comprehensive testing anywhere, including a broad range of sexual and general health factors, with exclusive diagnostics others never or rarely use.

These tests are essential to accurately evaluate every case of ED and accurately determine the most suitable therapy options for every man to perform much better.

Even better?

The cost of Morganstern’s EDD reports are almost always covered by traditional health insurance, including Medicare.

Why is it so important to know my EDD numbers before starting any treatments?

Although erectile dysfunction can be diagnosed and treated by any medical professional, patients usually end up trying several different “cures” to improve the condition by trial and error.

Only urology clinics are able to do the kind of detailed testing needed to correctly diagnose the underlying causes.

Only a handful of them provide cutting-edge therapies.

Our research from a retrospective study found that 82% of our ED patients failed at other clinics before coming to be treated by our staff.

Since there’s no singular treatment that’s effective for every source of ED, Morganstern does not subscribe to this “trial and error” approach.

We believe in comprehensively testing and diagnosing patients before starting therapies to resolve erectile dysfunction.

How is your EDD score Calculated?

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnostics

A combination of detailed blood testing, a duplex Doppler ultrasound sonography test and our exclusive ExoGraph which essentially measures the actual versus chronological age of a patient’s vascular system are required to accurately diagnose the source(s) for erection failure.

This data is typically the lifeblood for erection performance.

Erectile Dysfunction Dynamics

A patient’s age, current health and health history, other diagnoses, any prescribed medications, previous treatments, and sexual health and performance history usually all play a role in figuring out what’s wrong and how to fix it.

Most of this information is taken from intake forms and patient interviews.

A penis is designed to function well as long as a man is physically able to perform sex, however, it does require a bit of maintenance along the way.

What getting your EDD score will do for you

Your EDD is what will give you your life back.

It restores spontaneity in the bedroom. It saves you money. It’s even covered by most insurance plans, including Medicare. Without it? Doctors can only guess what treatment will benefit your case.

With it? You’re back performing at your best faster and with more fulfillment.

Your EDD is your “Erectile Detailed Diagnosis” – our proprietary 73-point evaluation of all the actors impacting organic erection.

We isolate what’s not working and why and take the time to educate you about optional pathways given all your circumstances.  

What is the actual process for getting my EDD score?

Speculation usually results in failure

“We don’t guess,” is a mantra that’s served us well healing patients for over 45 years.

ED is not a symptom men can treat on-line or over the phone. It requires a patient visit our clinic for both testing and care.

We provide pathways for ED patients both locally and from across the USA and world.

Local Patient Pathway

Local patients require 3 visits to completely test and diagnose their ED. This is most commonly covered by health insurance, including Medicare.

The 1st visit is where we gather your health history and establish you as a patient at Morganstern Urology.

We’re also usually able to draw blood for testing just after this visit.

Your 2nd visit is most key to your diagnosis, where we perform an ultrasound of your penis and measure the force of blood flow coming into the penis.

We also measure the quality of your “locking” mechanism for keeping an erection.

Then, we’ll be able to see if there’s any fibrosis in your penile organ and exactly where it’s located if found.

Your last visit is where we will share details about your case with you and come up with a plan for how we’ll get you performing at your best again.

Out of State Patient Pathway

Most out of state patients stay in Atlanta for 2 days for testing and evaluation.

Some go ahead and plan to stay a week so they can go ahead and start treatments once we isolate your exact diagnosis.

Insurance typically covers all the costs of testing except for the final office visit where we review everything.

This is because most insurance policies require a 2-week delay between ultrasound testing and patient reviews.

The cost of that office visit is usually around $150.

If you’ve had blood tests performed at another clinic within the last six months, providing those results can help speed your evaluation since some tests take up to 2 weeks to receive results.

We provide recommended travel accommodations where we’ve negotiated hotel discounts exclusively for Morganstern patients on our travel resources page.

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