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BioMedical and MedTech for Peyronie's Disease

In addition to our clinical platform, we created a medical device and biomedical company called ExoSurge®, which employs a revolutionary and exclusive Peyronie’s technology. The Company is privately held, and development has been funded by the founders and earnings from Morganstern’s flagship clinical center in Atlanta. The company’s initial commercial product employs rapid pulses of tailored gaseous injections to create a revolutionary mode of drug administration that significantly improves the efficacy of existing generic pharmaceuticals, transforming them into “super drugs” with curative properties.

The company is situated in Atlanta, Georgia, and is actively working to bring its ExoSurge® medication delivery technology and drug combination to market.

The company thinks that the technique will allow patients to fully repair their Peyronie’s Disease through a series of non-invasive treatments with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Our biomedical company has five issued patents and 12 patents and provisionals pending both nationally and internationally for our novel blood flow drug delivery mechanism, which converts long-standing, marginally effective generic drugs into “super drugs” with curative outcomes for Peyronie’s Disease.

We generate income to support our Peyronie’s research through our cosmetic and reconstructive urology business and by treating Peyronie’s patients at our advanced medical facility in Atlanta, Georgia. This continues to provide us avenues for additional innovation on our crucial Peyronie’s breakthrough.

We intend to commence prospective clinical trials in 2026 and will then file for FDA approval for our gas and drug injections in the treatment of Peyronie’s Disease in collaboration with a large pharmaceutical business; our device and drug combination is not yet accessible for purchase by other doctors.

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