Therapy for Enlarged Prostate

Enlarged Prostate Therapy

Like many of our patients at Morganstern Urology and Men’s Health Center, you know only too well how it feels to suffer from an enlarged prostate – the frequent urination, the weak flow, the interrupted sleep. Many men are prescribed medications for the condition; in fact, when a patient first comes to Morganstern Urology for treatment of enlarged prostate, we frequently offer medication.

While medications are safe and continue to be an important “first line of defense,” we have found that some patients may find the drugs to be ineffective or the side effects unpleasant. Unfortunately, many of these patients simply discontinue their medications without discussing other options.

Effective Treatment Options

Our doctors want to let you know about another treatment that our practice offers – a safe, effective, one-time therapy for relief of enlarged prostate symptoms. This is an in-office procedure that applies gentle heat to a very precise area of the prostate to provide long-term symptom relief. This is not surgery and does not require a hospital visit. It is done right here in my office, and patients return home right after the procedure. A few other facts to consider: Medicare and most private insurers cover this treatment; clinical trials showed no decrease in sexual function; because this treatment is not a drug, there is no interaction with other medications you may be taking.

Our urologists want to stress that the condition of enlarged prostate is treatable with our proprietary technologies. If you are not getting complete relief or unhappy with your medication, or other treatment choice, I invite you to make an appointment so we can explore the best treatment option for you.

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