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Pathways to healing

We provide five unique pathways to help men get started which vary depending upon if you’re local, coming from out-of-state (90% of our current patients travel from other states), are visiting from another country, if you’re insured, uninsured, or a patient without means.

Local Patient Peyronie's Care

Peyronie’s patients living within metro Atlanta or nearby usually have no idea how fortunate they are when it comes to Peyronie’s care. For cases only requiring the gas injections and drugs, we’re able to bill insurance for 82% of each treatment once every 14 days, meaning most of the cost is covered by insurance. 

A few local urologists have begun referring patients for ExoSurge therapy as a precursor to their referred patients getting plication surgery to ensure little or no loss of length.

Out of State Patient Paths

On average, about 90% of our current Peyronie’s patients travel from other states for treatment. Thus, we’re very accustomed to supporting these Peyronie’s patients.

Out of state patients need to be prepared to come visit for three consecutive days to complete all their diagnostics if they’re expecting insurance to cover most of the cost of testing. If they have recent results from blood tests (within the last six months), it can help speed accurate diagnosis of the Peyronie’s Accelerators scoring.

Insurance presently covers 80% of the cost of one ExoSurge treatment every 14 days.

Most out of state patients receive their diagnostics and plan, then revisit our clinic for a week once a month for treatment. Their first visit monthly treatment is mostly covered by insurance but additional treatments must be paid out of pocket at $390 per ExoSurge therapy. Patients can only safely receive one ExoSurge treatment each day.

International Patient Pathways

Patients visiting from other countries need to plan a visit for the first three days of diagnostics, then longer to begin treatments.

Since insurance is not included for patients from other countries, therapies and testing must b paid in US dollars at the time of treatment.

Most international patients plan visits for a month at a time until their case is resolved.


Future Clinical Trials Pathway

After we finalize our partnership with a large pharmaceutical platform, we expect to begin clinical trials for the finalize treatments and drug combination.

There will be press releases and announcements in these regards once we’re ready for patients who can’t afford travel to Atlanta or costs of care at present.


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We advise all prospective new patients to read this information before their first visit at Morganstern for Peyronie’s Disease.

Throughout their Peyronie’s journey, the majority of patients have been bombarded with disinformation. A lot of what they heard was false. Furthermore, some have been duped by treatments that have been proven to be utterly unsuccessful in the treatment of penile fibrosis, such as low intensity shockwave therapy and PRP shots.

We sympathize with people who have been misled or mistreated, and we hope that this information will help you embark on the road to recovery.

Local Patient ExoSurge Pathway

  1. You can start by scheduling your in-office medical tests and diagnostics, or you can begin your journey with ExoSurge with a free “one on one” phone case consultation.

Without comprehensive testing, it is impossible to diagnose each individual Peyronie’s condition with accuracy. When compared to your age, health, and the size, density, and location of your penile fibrosis, your “degree of erect curvature or lost penile size” usually has far less of an effect on the number of treatments needed to dissolve your fibrotic plaques.

Generally speaking, more treatments are needed to dissolve your penile fibrosis the longer it has been present.

2.  The next steps involve office-based tests such as an examination, a penile Duplex Doppler ultrasonography, and a Peyronie’s blood panel draw. We next input all of your vital information into our ExoSurge patient therapy algorithm, including the location, density, and size of your fibrous plaques, along with vital information gleaned from your blood work and diagnostic testing. 

3. Following that, we can present you a comprehensive plan that includes how we’ll resolve your case. The precise size, density, and location of your fibrous plaques, your status with Peyronie’s Accelerators as well as any additional potential inadequacies found during testing, all affect this plan.

Better still? The majority of insurance policies pay for all of these exams as well as documentation of your success plan.

Our Philosophy

Our clinic is focused on finding a cure for Peyronie’s Disease. After more than two decades of research and development, we’ve achieved many major milestones in pursuit of our purpose, including:

  1. We identified the underlying epidemiology of Peyronie’s.
  2. Our research identified six Peyronie’s Accelerators that need to be regulated and optimized to treat the disease.
  3. Our patented therapeutic uses pulsated gas injections to penetrate Peyronie’s fibrous plaques, allowing medications to breakdown fibrosis without surgery.
  4. Our new therapy algorithm takes into account all variables of a Peyronie’s case, such as plaque size, density, and position, as well as health factor rating and the state of each Peyronie’s Accelerator. This will assist future clinicians in treating cases.

Earlier in our Peyronie’s technology development, we were unable to restore the original size of the penis following the removal of Peyronie’s plaques, therefore we developed unique approaches for cosmetic urology (penis augmentation). Since then, we’ve learned ways to restore lost size from Peyronie’s during therapeutic treatments, but our cosmetic urology platform, led by renowned reconstructive urologist Kenneth J. Carney, MD, PHARM, FACS, has been highly successful.  Our cosmetic platform has provided the principal funding for our Peyronie’s research.

We are now developing technology to accelerate the progression of obstinate Peyronie’s cases using enhanced techniques and innovative medications. We have initiated negotiations to partner with a multinational pharmaceutical platform to fund our FDA approvals and help ensure the ExoSurge breakthrough is available internationally in the coming years.

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