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Not getting good erections?

Testosterone Therapy / Viagra-Cialis not working? Shockwave treatments let you down?

Don’t want a penile implant or lifetime of dependence upon PGE penile injections?

ExoSurge® New Generation ED Treatment Technology

Morganstern’s ExoSurge® Technology utilizes a patented tandem of mostly FDA-approved devices that represent the first notable treatment innovation to resolve chronic erection issues since introduction of the first penis prosthetic device in 1973.

We’re now able to completely heal men in our Atlanta erectile dysfunction clinic who suffer from chronic and severe ED issues – supplanting the need for penile prosthetic surgery or penile injections – in almost 90% of cases. Dr. Morganstern, a board-certified urologist was recognized as one of the Best Urologists in Georgia by 3-Best Rated.

What is Chronic Erectile Dysfunction?

Chronic erectile dysfunction is best defined as a condition in which the patient isn’t improving from traditional urologic treatment ED paradigms including Phosphodiesterase-type 5 inhibitors (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, etc.), shockwave therapy, hormone therapy, penile injections or vacuum pumps. Until now, a penile prosthetic was the only other option for such patients.

Erectile Dysfunction Solutions Born from Comprehensive Testing

The underlying causes of male erection issues vary;  sometimes it’s hormonal, other times its blood flow related or due to ineffective function with inner tissue.

Most often what is the cause?

It’s a combination of more than one of these typical root causes.

A key component of our success is rooted in the fact “we don’t guess” when it comes to what’s wrong or attempt to stamp a “one size fits all” solution upon your case.

A big part of why we excel is the degree of testing and evaluation we perform during your initial visits. Unlike many, we don’t guess regarding the reasons behind your lack of performance. We examine every detail and come up with a pathway that will enhance your life.

During your first visit we’ll gather and review all your health history indicators, collect information on any prior treatments you might have explored, perform a physical exam related to your complaints and order tests that will help us narrow in on exactly why things aren’t operating up to par.

Your next visit usually involves detailed testing that will help us discover the root cause of any deficiencies and to what degree they are causing problems.

At your third visit we are able to provide a complete diagnosis regarding the origins of your troubles: what’s not working and why – along with treatment options to repair the problems.

We look forward to serving you and getting you performing at levels you need and deserve.

Required Tests Prior to Properly Diagnosis and Provide an Accurate Healing Plan

Most Comprehensive Blood Testing for ED

Every doctor takes blood; it provides the clearest immediate roadmap about what ails you beyond what you can verbalize. Our blood draws are twice as intensive as seen at typical urology practices and five-times more detailed than at a family physician or men’s health center. Why’s that? Simple: Remember this is not an “ending” diagnosis – but a symptom of another problem. Tracking down that underlying cause starts with blood work.

Proprietary Vascular Analysis

Our urologists provide a unique and detailed Doppler ultrasound of the penis to unlock the keys to healing plus we perform an endothelial test to evaluate healthy blood flow throughout the rest of your body. This combination is crucial. Most issues are sourced from problems within the penis. However, 40% are rooted from challenges outside the groin area.

What happens without this tandem of detailed analysis? Doctors are just guessing – throwing out treatment ideas on what might be wrong. This uncertainty leaves the patient facing less than ideal treatment paths, a lifetime of dependency on treatments like injections or pills – or even worse: overlooking a life-threatening health issue.
With our detailed evaluations? It’s no longer a guessing game.

Blood Flowing Through the Penis

We will be looking at how the blood flows through the penis and how quickly – defined as peak systolic velocity. Most men recall life at 16 years of age – when mere thought of sexual excitement could cause immediate arousal. That was because the blood flowing into and through the penis was working perfectly. What happens when it’s not functioning properly?

Erections occur more slowly. Our urologists also closely analyze bilateral symmetry – checking if the two main arteries that “fill” the penis flow at the same level: that’s important. Problems in this regard are classified as Arterial Insufficiency – and we can now fix that without surgery!

Penile Blood Retention

After all that blood pumps into a penis: we need it to stay in order to maintain an optimal engorged erection. If there’s a leaky-valve from disease, aging or damage?  Blood seeps out and the erection weakens – like a tiny pinhole slowly deflates a balloon. In these situations, a man can get excited and erect – but somehow – keeps losing erection. This is known as Venus Leakage – we can now non-invasively repair that if faulty.

Penis Plaque Build Up

Built-up plaque is a common challenge in penile health. In severe cases, you could be dealing with Peyronie’s Disease – which requires an exclusive treatment paradigm. However, it’s not uncommon to have bits of hardened plaque in spots around the penis or an inordinate amount of “diffuse plaque” hampering blood flow & performance within your penile tissue. Diffuse plaque can be likened to heavy salt water – the plaque has not scaled and hardened to edges of the penis – buts its density and weight and causing the pipes to operate less efficiently and more cumbersome.

Endothelial Testing

Endothelial analysis provides a detailed analysis of blood flow rates throughout your body. It doesn’t do any good to improve blood flow within the penis if the providing resource isn’t offering adequate pressure and quality to support penile function. We can’t begin to tell you the number of patients we treated who had seen countless doctors who found nothing wrong with their penis and suggested they pursue a lifetime dependency on penile injections or an implant when in reality – the erection problems was actually stemming from the body vs. groin.

Custom Patient Scorecard

After a review of findings with the urologist, our clinical director shares our proprietary 65-point patient scorecard that exhibits all the results, how they fare against the norm with other men of the same age – and what our urologists can do to overcome deficiencies – without any surgery or prosthetic, We do our best to offer solutions regardless of available time, health insurance coverage or financial resources.

Each treatment plan is custom based upon all factors relating to a patient’s personal health.

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