Definition: What is a Micropenis?

Simple Definition: A micropenis or microphallus is a functional penis that is under 2.5 centimeters at birth, for a full-term baby. The average size of a penis at birth is approximately 3.5 centimeters. Having a penis one centimeter or more shorter than the average is considered a micropenis. In most cases the shortened penis size can be corrected.

What is the Best Way to Treat or Correct a Micropenis?

The best treatment option for micropenis disorder is surgery. This treatment is supported by the National Center for Biotechnology InformationU.S. National Library of Medicine. According to the Journal of Clinical Research in Pediatric Endocrinology, surgery is a viable option for effective treatment.2 Enlarging the penis surgically results in permanent correction and resolves both sexual and urination issues.

At Morganstern Health many patients come to us looking for an enlargement of their birth penis which they have considered small from the beginning. These men want to gain enough size to hang down and feel confident with their partner(s).

To gain size, there are two main treatment options:

  • Instant enlargements (not permanent)
  • Permanent surgical enlargements

What if you don’t have a micropenis?

Some men already have what is considered average or larger sized penises, yet want to extend their penis even longer or wider. If you are wanting to go from medium to large or large to extra large (XXL), Morganstern Health would love to have the chance to discuss options with you.

Micropenis Correction

Some men simply have the genetics resulting in a smaller than average penis size. We will discuss the best options to enhance inordinately small penises at birth which remain small into adulthood. What exactly are micro penises and what is micro penile disorder? Morganstern Health provides the answers.

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What is Micro Penile Disorder

Many of our patients ask us, “What exactly is micro penile disorder?” The follow up question is, “What can be done if I think I may have this disorder?” There are some cases in which an adult male has an erect penis size of 2.75 inches or smaller, indicating a micropenis. This condition often results from abnormal testicular development. In many instances the penis simply did not grow in length as it should have in the first trimester of development in utero. There is often a reduced level of testosterone in men with this condition.

Common Male Health Issues

This is often referred to as micro penile disorder. The obvious problem is a possible difficulty in performing sexual intercourse. Other common problems occur with urination and fertility. For these reasons medical professionals are terming the condition as micro penile disorder or micro penile syndrome. Research studies estimate that fewer than 1% of American men are born with this condition.1 Men that were born with  micro penile syndrome often seek treatment and are glad to find out the condition can be permanently corrected.

Find out about enlargement options for micropenises

Our surgeons at Morganstern Health treat micro penile syndrome with permanent enlargement surgery.

Micro Penile Growth Surgery

What can be done to enlarge a micropenis? The best corrective solution is one that results in permanent growth and can be performed as outpatient. The procedure is called penis enlargement surgery in which the penis is extended in length and widened at the same time. Dr. Morganstern is one of the surgeons which can accomplish this augmentation simultaneously. In fact, he may be the only surgeon in the country who can increase both length and girth in the same operation.

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1 Cleveland Clinic
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Before and After Photos Micropenis Surgery

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Before After Micro Penile Disorder Surgery

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Before & After Pictures Micropenis Operation

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Before After Elongation & Girth Increase

Micro penile syndrome b4 after

Micropenis Syndrome After Treatment

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