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ExoSurge® Peyronie's Care Pricing, Insurance, Costs

Exact pricing and costs vary depending upon each patient’s insurance contract with their insurer plus related deductibles and any restrictions upon particular types of care from the agreement between the patient and his health insurance provider. We are happy to verify the coverage afforded by your particular insurance plan before scheduling your initial visit and diagnostics. Once we have a clear picture of the therapeutics needed to resolve your case, we can visit with you regarding any parameters associated with your care in regards to insurance at that time.

At present, Morganstern Health accepts the following insurance for clinical care in our office:

Insurance Accepted by Morganstern Urology Clinic

After Verification


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
    • Medpoint / Preferred
    • Medicare Advantage
      • PPO, HMO, POS
    • Blue Card
    • FEP – Federal Employee Program
  • Blue Choice HMO
  • Cigna
    • Healthsprings
  • Coventry
  • EON Health
  • Federal Blue Shield
  • First AllAmerica Financial (PCHS)
    • American Postal Worker’s Union
    • National Association of Letter Carriers
    • PBP People Before Profit Preferred Plan
  • GEHA
  • Golen Rule
  • Great-West Healthcare
  • Humana (All insurance products)
  • Medicare
  • Meridian Health
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Tricare
  • UMR
  • United Healthcare

ExoSurge® Related Testing and Diagnostics Pricing

Following are the testing and diagnostics we must have to evaluate your case

Curative Peyronie’s treatments begin with a detailed and accurate evaluation of each patient’s case. Every patient must first receive exhaustive clinical testing which evaluates the status of your Peyronie’s Accelerators, the size, density and exact location of fibrosis within your penis, and the relative age of your arterial vascular system. This is achieved from an initial office visit, detailed blood panels, duplex Doppler penile ultrasound, ExoGraph arterial health test, “Review of Findings” clinical case review, and a treatment plan. 

Following are prices on all the testing we require to evaluate and test every Peyronie’s case for healing. 

Initial Office Consultation 

Usually covered by insurance
$ 250 New Peyronie's Patient Visit /
Usually covered by insurance
  • Initial Office Visit: $250
  • "Review of Findings" and ongoing office visits are less expensive
  • Usually covered by insuance

Peyronie's Blood Testing

Usually covered by insurance
$ 650 Detailed panel tracking important Peyronie's factors
Usually covered by insurance
  • Every patient needs detailed blood testing for us the accurate evaluate his status with Peyronie's Accelerators
  • If a patient has blood tests from the last six months, we can use those panels that overlay with our testing needs
  • Most insurance policies cover the cost of these blood tests, depending upon if the patient has met their deductible for the year

Penile Duplex Doppler Ultrasound

Usually Covered by Insurance
$ 385 Crucial testing to Peyronie's cases
Usually covered by insurance
  • Identifies size, nature, and location of fibrous plaques
  • Measures health of arterial flow into the penis
  • Measures source and severity of venous leakage


Not covered by insurance
$ 45 Important data to heal Peyronie's
Cash Pay
  • Tests degree of arterial stiffness and effects of stress on the circulatory system
  • Provides indication of timely response to ExoSurge treatments
  • Provides patient's vascular system "age" ranking vs. chronological age of patient
  • Creates comparable baseline for improvements to patient's vascular system

"Review of Findings" Office Visit

Enter your description
$ 150 Case Findings and Review Office Visit
Usually covered by insurance
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

Treatment Plan

Cost included with "Review of Findings" office visit
FREE Action plan to get started and scheduling
  • List Item #1
  • List Item #2
  • List Item #3

ExoSurge® Peyronies Treatment Prices

Once we’ve evaluated the status and scoring for a patient’s Peyronie’s Accelerators, identified the size and location of any fibrous plaques and/or swollen tunica, evaluated the arterial flow and venous leak scores for a patient, and educated the patient regarding the particulars for healing his Peyronie’s, we can begin treatments to start breaking up and removing the penile plaques that are the source for all the frustrating symptoms with Peyronie’s Disease. 

There are therapies that are 100% essential to the plaque removal process, others that are strongly recommended given the exact case, and others that are optional most often recommended to help speed up resolution. 

Required ExoSurge Therapeutics: Costs

ExoSurge Treatments

Insurance usually covers one treatment every two weeks. There's a $60 non-covered clinical charge for the ExoSurge gas injection
$ 370 Per Treatment
  • Typically completed during a 30-minute visit to our clinic
  • Patients can return to normal duties and functions immediately after treatment
  • Includes 1 mL of Verapamil and numbing cream with patented gas injections that deliver the drug deep within the fibrotic plaques
  • Insurance usually covers one treatment every two weeks. There's a $60 non-covered clinical charge for the ExoSurge gas injection. Mostly insurance covered for local patients getting treatment every 14 days.

Restorex Penile Traction Device

Some insurance pays 30% of cost
$ 530 One Time Purchase of Penile Traction Device
  • We have discovered utilizing Restorex traction during treatment is key to regaining lost size
  • Studies show helps with symptoms
  • Can sometimes be purchased second hand from eBay at a reduced price
  • Includes in office instruction and set up advice
  • Insurance sometimes cover about 30% of the cost of a new unit

Add-On ExoSurge Therapeutics Pricing

 Depending upon a patients existing health dynamics as it relates to optimal Peyronie’s fibrosis removal, as well as erection performance, our doctors might prescribe one or more of the following therapeutics to improve an ExoSurge Peyronie’s treatment case so things move forward better and faster.

Extra Verapamil Injections

Not covered by insurance
$ 50 Per mL / Per ExoSurge Treatment
  • We will sometimes recommend doubling the injected dose of Verapamil during cases with larger / multiple plaques if suited
  • Helps speed up the removal of the fibrous plaques of Peyronie's Disease
  • Additional Verapamil is not covered by insurance

Trental Injections

Not covered by insurance
$ 150 Per mL / Per ExoSurge Treatment
  • In cases with calcified and/or heavily dense plaques, we will sometime recommend adding Trental injections
  • Helps speed uo the removal of the fibrous plaques of Peyronie's
  • Trental injections are not covered by insurance

Xiaflex® Injections

Insurance usually covers + Deductible
$ $1,000 +
  • We will sometimes recommend the use of Xiaflex injections after the plaque becomes suitable for success with collagenase (Xiaflex)
  • ExoSurge treatments must continue between Xiaflex injections to help ensure the dispersal of fibrous plaques
  • Insurance usually covers Xiaflex injections for patients with significant erect curvature, but deductibles can vary by policy commonly requiring $1,000 out of pocket patient expense
  • Our staff can verify your insurance and determine what the cost of Xiaflex injections would be for your case if recommended by one of our providers.

Macronutrient Supplementation

Enter your description
$ 30-99 Per Supply of Supplement
  • Averages $220 every two months
  • Patients also with ED average $260 every two months

NCALX Decalcification Treatments

Partially covered by most insurance
$ 700 Per Decalcification Treatment / Usually 40% insurance covered
  • NCALX decalcification therapy is sometime recommended for patients with large amounts of calcified plaques
  • Usually significantly speeds up the removal of penile calcification. NCALX treatments usually takes 30-45 minutes, in office
  • This is our newest technology and includes an ExoSurge treatment with Verapamil, a nerve block injection to numb the groin area, a Trental injection, Pro-Nox Medical grade laughing gas, and vacuum extraction technique
  • Insurance usually covers the ExoSurge treatment aspect, the additional drugs and treatment are cash pay ($360)

Medical Laughing Gas (PRO-NOX)

Not covered by insurance
$ 60 Per Treatment
  • Pro-Nox is a natural analgesic blend of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide that the patient self-administers using a safe, valve inhalation device, that only provides the medical gases when the patient breaths in
  • You’ll remain fully awake, but your discomfort and worry will be much reduced. The alleviation is immediate, leaving you feeling relaxed, light, and calm.
  • Patients are able to drive and return to normal duties within five minutes after administration of Pro-NOX

(ECP) External Counterpulsation Therapy

Not covered by insurance
$ 150 Per Treatment
  • ECP (External Counterpulsation) therapy is recommended to patients where Doppler ultrasound testing indicates compromised arterial blood flow into the penis
  • ECP treatments are non-incase and measurable improve penile blood flow, which helps speed up removal of Peyronie's fibrotic plaques with ExoSurge
  • ECP treatments are performed in office, take about an hour , and patients can have up to two ECP treatments daily. Effective resolution of inadequate penile arterial blood flow usually requires 20 ECP treatments.
  • ECP treatments are not covered by insurance

Testosterone Pellets Therapy

Enter your description
$ 750 Every six months
  • We have discovered that a prescribed target level of free and total testosterone is a key to speeding up removal of fibrous Peyronie's plaques.
  • If indicated from or Peyronie's blood testing, we will recommend a Peyronie's patient for testosterone therapy during ExoSurge Treatments.
  • Our preferred method for testosterone supplementation is through implantation of biodegradable testosterone pellets every six months for treated patients.
  • Testosterone therapy has been proven to provide additional patient benefits including increased libido, better sleep at night, improved ability to remain focused upon tasks, and overall improvement to energy levels.

GOLD SONIC Low Intensity Shockwave Therapy

For Peyronie's patients suffering from certain ED symptoms
$ 350 Per Treatment
  • GOLD SONIC Low intensity shockwave treatments do NOT break up the plaques and fibrosis that cause Peyronie's symptoms
  • We often recommend this therapy to patients where we discover significant venous leakage (a common source of erectile dysfunction) during our duplex Doppler ultrasound testing for Peyronie's Disease
  • Morganstern's GOLD SONIC therapy is real Low Intensity Shockwave (LISW) therapy, not acoustic wave treatments that are much less effective.
  • Morganstern's LISW protocol for improving venous leak is usually 13 treatments spaced over a specified time frame.

Ongoing Peyronie's Diagnostic Costs

To properly evaluate and quantify each patient’s plaque reduction progress during ExoSurge therapeutics, we will recommend  an office visit with your provider (every six months) or as requested by the patient. While providers often discuss progress and improvement steps during treatments, there’s never enough time to explore and revisit all the factors affecting curative improvement in those instances 

While most insurance plans only cover a “repeat” duplex Doppler ultrasound test once every twelve months, some patients request and pay for them once every six months to quantifiably monitor plaque reduction progress. 

Follow-Up Office Visits

Insurance Covers
$ 115 Per Visit
  • Face to face meetings to discuss progress, reaffirm priority goals
  • Discuss patient's status and improvements managing Peyronie's Accelerator scores
  • Usually covered by insurance

Repeat ExoGraph Testing

Not covered by insurance
$ 45 Cash pay per test
  • Provides key data on improvements to blood flow and vascular health

"Repeat" duplex Doppler
Penile Ultrasound Testing

Insurance most commonly will pay for a penile ultrasound once yearly.
$ 385 Per Ultrasound
  • Identifies changes to size, nature, and location of fibrous plaques plus levels of arterial flow and venous leakage
  • Insurance most commonly will pay for a penile ultrasound once yearly. If a patient requests a repeat Doppler ultrasound inside of the one year global period, the patient must pay "out of pocket for that" testing.

Questions and Answers regarding ExoSurge Treatments Pricing and Costs

ExoSurge treatments are usually 80% covered by the insurance companies listed above. Unfortunately, there’s presently a 14-day global period for each treatment (we expect this will change once we’re fully FDA-approved). Thus, patients local to Atlanta can get ExoSurge treatment nearly completely covered by insurance. Out of state patients get their first one covered during each visit, but the remainder must be paid out of pocket at $390 per treatment.

The number of treatments are tied to the size and density of your fibrous plaques, your scoring and management of the Peyronie’s Accelerators, and your personal health factors that we’ll discuss during your evaluation.

Recent fibrosis triggered by acute trauma is usually the easiest to resolve since its much less dense than established Peyronie’s plaques.

If you have questions about the technology or how everything works, a one-on-one consultation will be beneficial. However, since we won’t have exact metrics with your case we can only ascertain with testing, it’s impossible to provide many specifics with you care over the phone.

We recognize at present only financially well off patients can afford care. Our upcoming clinical trials in 2026 should provide free care to patients who can’t presently afford travel and treatment and we expect insurance to cover most of the cost of care both in the US and around the globe in the future.

Peyronie’s research is not a profitable business. We’re bless by the success of our cosmetic urology platform as it finds most of our Peyronie’s research.

We have tried almost every therapeutic known for treating Peyronie’s during our evolution. Sadly, most are scams they prey on vulnerable men like PRP ninjections and shockwave therapy.

Our Philosophy

Our clinic is focused on finding a cure for Peyronie’s Disease. After more than two decades of research and development, we’ve achieved many major milestones in pursuit of our purpose, including:

  1. We identified the underlying epidemiology of Peyronie’s.
  2. Our research identified six Peyronie’s Accelerators that need to be regulated and optimized to treat the disease.
  3. Our patented therapeutic uses pulsated gas injections to penetrate Peyronie’s fibrous plaques, allowing medications to breakdown fibrosis without surgery.
  4. Our new therapy algorithm takes into account all variables of a Peyronie’s case, such as plaque size, density, and position, as well as health factor rating and the state of each Peyronie’s Accelerator. This will assist future clinicians in treating cases.



Earlier in our Peyronie’s technology development, we were unable to restore the original size of the penis following the removal of Peyronie’s plaques, therefore we developed unique approaches for cosmetic urology (penis augmentation). Since then, we’ve learned ways to restore lost size from Peyronie’s during therapeutic treatments, but our cosmetic urology platform, led by renowned reconstructive urologist Kenneth J. Carney, MD, PHARM, FACS, has been highly successful.  Our cosmetic platform has provided the principal funding for our Peyronie’s research.


We are now developing technology to accelerate the progression of obstinate Peyronie’s cases using enhanced techniques and innovative medications. We have initiated negotiations to partner with a multinational pharmaceutical platform to fund our FDA approvals and help ensure the ExoSurge breakthrough is available internationally in the coming years.

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