Best Enhancment Options: Outpatient Penis Enlargement Surgery & Non-Surgical Procedures

Our physicians and surgeons want you to make the best decision regarding your enlargement for you. It is a personal decision. We provide several enlargement options including an instant non-surgical enhancement as well as an out patient surgery option. To produce the maximum penile size increase, surgery is required. This surgical procedure produces maximum results. Dr. Morganstern is a urologist and renowned surgeon who has been performing penis enlargement and enhancement surgery procedures for 33 years in his Atlanta urology clinic. Most of his patients receive a 1-2 inch increase in length and girth. The result is an elongated penis that is also larger in circumference. See our penis enlargement before and after pictures. Dr. Morganstern is a leader in treating micro penile disorder, loss of penis size and function, erectile dysfunction, and anti-aging procedures. He is known as “the doctor who teaches doctors.” Patients travel to see Dr. Morganstern from all over the United States, including Tennessee, Florida, California, Illinois, Ohio, Texas, and New York.

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Call our Atlanta office at 404-352-8220 or 855-351-2504 to request a confidential phone or office consultation with Dr. Morganstern to discuss penis enlargement & enhancement options.

Penis Size Loss and Surgical Enlargement Procedures

Loss of Penile Function

It is estimated that every male during his lifetime will suffer from loss of function. What may come as a surprise, is that 70-80% of erectile dysfunction is physical not mental. Lifestyle choices and the natural aging process can lead to the degradation of testosterone over time. This degradation effects sexual performance, esteem, and quality of life.

Loss of Penile Length with Male Aging

It is estimated that without preventative measures a 30 year old man will lose 1/2”to 1” of penile length by age 70. With a our proprietary enhancement procedures, patients can experience a ½” to 2” gain in length thereby preserving functionality, performance and a sense of well-being. Lengthening and widening procedures are available within our men’s clinic.

Advances in Penis Enlargement Surgery: Permanent Results 99.6% Success

Dr. Morganstern recently developed what many peers are calling the most significant advancement in penis augmentation surgery. His method has resulted in some of the best success rates in the urology field of over 99%. Dr. Morganstern’s procedure is permanent with no loss in penile function, while experiencing significant gains in both width and girth size using a man’s own body. Dr. Morganstern uses the patient’s own extracted fat as the bulking agent. He found a new protocol that resolves the prior issues men faced with reabsorption and having lumps or knots form. The patient recovery time is fast. Recovery time is usually 3 days or fewer. Many of our patients opt to have the procedure on a Friday and return to work Monday. We understand that most men don’t want to tell their workplace or friends that they are undergoing this medical enhancement procedure. Sexual intercourse may resume’in about 2 weeks.

Dr. Morganstern’s work is long lasting. It is not a temporary enhancement. The increase in penis size is permanent.

The current cost of the operation is $11,000. Our urology office understands that plastic surgery is expensive and that many men do not have the cash readily available. Dr. Morganstern’s office has arranged for financing options, making the procedure more accessible. Men can now undergo the surgery for as little as $3000 down.

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 Safe & Effective Injections for Penile Extension

Fat that is harvested from liposuction can be transferred subcutaneously to the penis via an injection technique perfected by Dr. Morganstern in Atlanta, GA. This aspect of the procedure is noteworthy, because now both operations can be accomplished without ever making an incision on the penis.

Fat Grafting Procedure for Penile Enlargement

Please understand that fat grafting techniques have evolved over the past years. Fat resorption in the past used to be an issue but with the new procedure Dr. Morganstern has found a solution for this. He has also resolved the issue of clumping. Rarely does nodularity occur. Dr. Morganstern recommends a special penile pump to be used consistently after the surgery to help prevent this and to retain increased length and girth. The fat transfer becomes permanent.

This procedure is done as an outpatient surgery, which means you can plan on going home from the clinic the same day. Recovery time will require you to be out of work for 2 days in most cases, but that will depend upon the type of work you do. You are to wait at least 4 weeks before resuming sexual activity, so that the fat can become fastened to the surrounding tissues and to prevent infection. The best results are enjoyed when both the procedure to increase the length and the procedure to increase the circumference are preformed at the same time. If just girth is desired, this can be performed in the office under sedation.

Penile Enlargement -Penis Lengthening Procedure

Penile lengthening has been described in Urologic literature for at least 40 years, and interestingly, most of the articles have dealt with surgery on boys with “concealed” or “buried” penises. However, the principles are applicable to adults as well, as other articles testify. In particular, a combination of procedures may apply to adults as needed, such as: release of the suspensory ligament, pubic liposuction and taking down the “turkey neck” deformity we sometimes see. The latter is a web of tissue between the underside of the penis and the scrotum which detracts from the true penis length.

In humans, that arched portion of the shaft which is under the skin is a least as long as the pendulous penis. The arched portion of the penis which is under the pubic bone can be released allowing the penis to protrude further outwards. My experience has been anywhere from 1/2” to 2” gain in length. Consistent use of the penile pump will maximize the gain in length and girth. Men with prominent suprapubic fat pads will gain more length―for example, if they have a 2” thick fat pad and I remove 1-1 ½”, the gain will be that plus whatever is gained by releasing the suspensory ligament.

Dr. Morganstern’s clinic is located in Georgia, with patients coming to us from all over the nation. His urology and surgery patients come from virtually every state. A number of his patients travel from Texas, Illinois, Florida and New York.

Have a question about whether you are a good candidate for the procedure? Call our office at 404-352-8220.