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Morganstern Health offers unique patented treatments that actually heal the causes of ED.

Are you one of millions of men affected by Erectile Dysfunction?
Guess what? Erectile dysfunction isn’t supposed to happen at any age! Rather, it’s a byproduct – a condition resulting from another health issue. Finding and resolving that other core issue is our specialty at Morganstern Health.

Thus, if you’re 19 or 90? Our specialized healing erectile dysfunction treatments make you better!

Dr. Morganstern literally wrote the book on treating and healing erectile dysfunction. With a pair of best-selling books on the subject of erectile dysfunction and as the only private practice included in the original trials for Viagra, Morganstern Health is a frontrunner in the ED space. Our doctors recently developed new erectile dysfunction technologies and they are game-changing: men once on a pathway toward a having to wear a penile prosthetic for sexual activity are now able to fully function naturally with these new patented treatments available exclusively at Morganstern Health.

Before we get to all that? Let’s first talk about ED. Our team is not shy about talking – this is what we do, we’re the best at it. We want you to feel as comfortable as we are.

Morganstern Health was healing ED, when ED wasn’t cool!

ED Therapy Atlanta

Are you located near or in Atlanta, Georgia?

You’re in luck!

Men travel across the country and around the globe in order to get treated for erectile performance at Morganstern Health in Atlanta. to receive erectile performance treatments. We’re located just off Interstate-75 near the heart of Buckhead. Our doctors can get you feeling and performing better soon – just call our office for an appointment.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to produce or sustain an erection for purposes of sexual intercourse. In many instances the lack of an erection may happen infrequently and is not an ongoing concern. For others it can be a life-long battle and can severely impact sexual satisfaction of the man and his partner as well as relationships.

Who is Affected by ED

Erectile dysfunction afflicts approximately 30 million men in the United States. Recent statistics show that 25% of men seeing a doctor for the first time for impotence are under 40.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The causes of erectile dysfunction may or may not have serious implications. For instance, impotence may result from the following:

  • administered medications
  • high blood pressure
  • chronic illnesses such as prostate cancer or kidney disease
  • poor blood flow to the penis,
  • consuming excessive alcohol or abusing other substances
  • neurological disorders
  • injuries to the penis, pelvis, bladder, or prostate
  • exhaustion or chronic fatigue
  • factors such as anxiety, depression, or reduced self-worth

Our ED specialists start with a comprehensive analysis of your medical history, a physical examination and a detailed blood test to analyze hormone levels and other indicators of your trouble.

What is the outcome in most situations?

Our doctors get you to the point of improved ability to achieve and hold an erection during sexual activity. We work to resolve the issues quickly using proven treatment methods with high success rates. We remain sensitive to the fact you came to us to improve your sexual performance and want you to get the help you need in a comfortable environment. In some cases, we’ll perform ultrasound testing – which creates a detailed map of the vascular flow within your penile region.

Afterwards, we’ll identify a pathway that will allow for improved short-term performance and a solution to any possible bigger underlying diagnosis that needs to be addressed to insure a lifetime of fulfillment.

New Effective Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Representing a combined total of almost 100 years of development, world-famous erectile dysfunction specialist and board-certified urologist Steven L. Morganstern, MD and renowned medical device entrepreneur Carlos Becerra developed a novel solution to men’s sexual performance that’s now being called “game-changing.” Our patented, non-surgical treatments re-vascularize both the body and groin areas – thus, we actually heal the key penile functions that support healthy erections.
Best of all?

Our natural outcomes free most patients from a lifetime of dependency upon drugs, pumps or injections – without surgery.

Our three-part treatment is patented and at present – only available at Morganstern Health in Atlanta, GA.

We don’t just treat symptoms – we cure the cause of Erectile Dysfunction!

If you visit other urologists, you’ll typically discover the same tired treatment solutions for men’s sexual health and ED. Examples include oral medications: Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, testosterone therapy, penile injections, and vacuum pumps. If none of that works? They’ll most likely suggest penile implant surgery.

Dr. Morganstern has developed an advanced protocol far beyond old concepts – providing workable, 21st century solutions. Most our patients are referred from physicians who can’t solve a patient’s problem with their basic tools. We offer double the number of treatment options compared to other physicians and we own the patents on these unique treatments.

Our analysis of the root cause of your issue is extensive and sometimes requires multiple appointments to complete – but we remain sensitive to the fact you will be looking for improved results quickly. We can get your penis working better ASAP – but unlike others – we can also heal the underlying problem without dependence on drugs, injection or surgery over time.

Our success rate healing – not just treating – chronic erectile dysfunction now exceeds 95%

How We Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Succinctly stated: there’s three aspects to the treatment program:

  • Morganstern Health offers a non-invasive Electronic Counter Pulsation technology that completes macro re-vascularization of the body – setting up your tissue for more localized healing therapy and producing the improved blood flow that directly benefits erectile performance. For lots of chronic ED patients – the root cause of their dilemma is within their macro body’s cardiovascular system. Thus, all the treatments in the world focused upon their penile area prove ineffective. ECP fixes those issues.
  • We utilize Low Intensity Shockwave treatments which were recently discovered to cause stem cell regeneration in the penile region. We were utilizing these modalities (one aspect of healing ED) long before Dr. Lue’s now famous observation.
  • We perform our proprietary Endostimulation treatments directly into the penile tissue. These applications cause the penile tissue to draw an influx of oxygen – promoting renewed tissue development.

Our unique tandem of Macro Re-vascularization, Low Intensity Shockwave treatments and Endostimulation includes a specific protocol developed through years of trial and error that has been proven to rehabilitate the penile tissue and result in lasting, healthy erectile performance. Although all three platforms are required for optimal outcomes, we patented any two of these modalities in any tandem – and the results are available exclusively at Morganstern.

Steps to Improved Penile Performance

Most Comprehensive Blood Testing
Every doctor takes your blood: it provides the clearest immediate roadmap about what ails you beyond what you can verbalize. Ours is twice as intensive as you’ll see at typical urology practices and five-times more detailed than your family physician or men’s health center. Why’s that? Simple: Remember when we told you that erectile dysfunction is not an ending diagnosis – but a symptom of another problem? Tracking down that underlying cause starts with blood work.

Proprietary Vascular Analysis
We provide a unique and detailed Doppler ultrasound of your penis to unlock the keys to healing within your groin plus we perform an endothelial test to evaluate healthy blood flow throughout the rest of your body. This combination is crucial. Most ED issues are sourced from problems within the penis. However, 40% are rooted from challenges outside your groin area.
Without this tandem of detailed analysis? It’s just guessing – throwing out treatment ideas on what might be wrong which either sets the patient up for a lifetime of treatment dependency or even worse: overlooks an important health issue. Along with your detailed blood analysis – these tests will prove what’s wrong. The tests help us pinpoint the cause of the bloodflow issue.
Your penile vascular health starts even before the Doppler kicks in – with an injection of PGE (Prostaglandin) into the bloodstream. PGE not only temporarily enhances groin area blood flow to allow results from your ultrasound to display vividly but also provides an “instant test” of the status of your erection function since it usually causes an immediate erection. Thus, if your Doppler erection is solid to extreme? We know your engine’s good – you probably just need a tune up. If a low to mild erection occurs from PGE – we already know there’s a hose and/or valve needing repair.
This test will illuminate the status of the four essential aspects of a healthy penis:

Blood Flowing Through the Penis
We will be looking at how the blood flows through the penis Penile Erectile Dysfunction Repair Anatomyand how quickly, or: peak systolic velocity. Remember when you were just 16 years of age and the mere thought of sexual excitement could cause immediate arousal? That was because the blood flowing into and through the penis was working perfectly. When it’s not? Erections occur much more slowly. We’ll be looking closely at your bilateral symmetry – do the two main arteries that fill the penis flow at the same level: that’s important. Problems in this regard are classified as Arterial Insufficiency – and we can fix that!

Penile Blood Retention: Retaining Erections
After all that blood pumps into your penis: we need it to stay there in order to maintain your best erection. If there’s a leaky valve from age? Blood seeps out and your erection weakens – like a tiny pinhole in a balloon. You have already become excited and erect – and somehow – you keep losing your erection. This is known as Venous Leakage – we can repair that if faulty.

Penis Plaque Build Up
Built-up plaque is a common challenge in penile health. In severe cases, you could be dealing with Peyronie’s Disease – which requires an exclusive treatment paradigm. However, it’s not uncommon to have bits of hardened plaque in spots around the penis or an inordinate amount of “diffuse plaque” hampering blood flow & performance within your penile tissue. Diffuse plaque can be likened to heavy salt water – the plaque has not scaled and hardened to edges of the penis – buts its density and weight and causing the pipes to operate less efficiently and more cumbersome.

Endothelial Testing: Blood Flow AnalysisAtlanta Erectile Dysfunction New Treatments
Your Endothelial analysis will provide a detailed analysis of your blood flow rates throughout your body. It doesn’t do any good to improve blood flow within the penis if the providing resource isn’t offering adequate pressure and quality to support function. We can’t begin to tell you the number of patients we treated who had seen countless others who could find nothing wrong with their penis and suggested they pursue a lifetime dependency on penile injections or an implant when in reality – the erection problems were actually coming from beyond the groin.

Urologist: Review of Findings Most Comprehensive Blood Testing

Eretile Dysfunction Success AtlantaOnce we’re done completing all your tests, you’ll have a face-to-face appointment with our top urologist to review your results, explain your treatment optional and answer any and all questions. Make no mistake: unless your challenge simple – not having a Board-Certified urologist review, evaluate and map your solutions is where 90% of men who end up with bad outcomes get in trouble. And we have more proprietary tools to treat any such condition in the southeast.

Custom Patient Erectile Scorecard
After your review of findings with our skilled urologist, our clinical director will sit down and share our proprietary 65-point patient scorecard that exhibits all your various results, how they far against the norm of other men your same age – and what we can do to overcome any deficiencies. We do our best to provide workable solutions to every patient regardless of schedule, insurance or financial resources.

Your treatment plan is custom to you and your personal sexual health.

Is a Penile Implant Required for ED?

Success from PDE-5 inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis is limited for men with vascular problems or heart disease. Urology world provided other options: vacuum pumps, penile bands and penile injection therapy. Alas, these solutions take the fun of spontaneity out of a sexual connection – sometimes even “ruining” that special moment. Up until now – a penile implant – or penile prosthesis – was the only additional option available to such patients.
We’ve developed a new patented treatment technology that can actually heal your Ed symptoms without implant surgery in over two-thirds of all untreatable ED diagnoses.

Penile Implant: What is it?
New Penile Implant Technology
There are basically two types of penile implants: semi-rigid and inflatable devices. The semi-rigid version is a set of rods implanted into the penis that can be bent as needed for optional penetration. Their big downside? They always stay rigid making their existence difficult to conceal.
The inflatable implants are more popular since they look more natural. These saline-filled devices consist of inflatable cylinders placed in the erection chambers of the penis, a pump placed in the scrotum for patient-activated inflation/deflation, and a reservoir placed in the abdomen which stores the fluid. The device is inflated by squeezing the pump several times to transfer fluid from the reservoir to the chambers in the penis. After successful sexual relations, the pump can be deactivated to return the penis to a flaccid condition. Almost all implanted penile prosthesis devices perform satisfactorily for a decade or more before needing replacement.

Penile Implants: The Pro’sPenile Implant No Longer Needed

  • The implant inflates discreetly – its nothing like having to pull out a vacuum pump
  • The erection can be artificially maintained indefinitely
  • Mechanical failure rates are low
  • The inflatable versions are pretty much

Penile Implants: The Con’s

  • Its irreversible – once you go down this path? You can’t go back
  • The penis isn’t very firm. If you reach down and pull your penis taught with your fingers? What you see then will be the approximate rigidity after a penile implant
  • Men can lose an inch of length from implantation – double that after a replacement implant is installed
  • There is a 2-10% complication rate – infection, rejection, etc.
  • Masturbation can be painful
  • Surgery down time: 2-4 weeks

Announcing a “Natural” Replacement to the Penile Implant
Morganstern Health is excited to announce a new, proven alternative treatment for roughly 2/3 of all men now considered candidates for a penile implant. We’ve who tested and refined the next generation of treatment for men suffering from chronic ED. Best of all? Its non-invasive: no surgery required.

New technology Replaces Need for Penile Implant in 2/3 Cases

Know this. At one time penile implants were a great treatment option to address ED. Our founding physician: Steven L. Morganstern, MD was at the forefront of their launch in 1973 – as the national head of physician implant training for first-inventor Brantley Scott. Dr. Morganstern played a big role in driving market acceptance amongst physicians and personally performed over 4,000 Penile Implant surgeries.
At that time?
The technology provided a viable solution for a lifetime of sexual performance with patients suffering from chronic ED.
But that was 1973. We are now in the 21st century.

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Don’t Be Afraid: We’ll Make You Better
Few men first facing ED symptoms are comfortable talking about it: sexual prowess is a rite of passage many guys embrace since early childhood. You need to know this: ED in itself, isn’t a diagnosis. Rather, it means something else is wrong. Our physician’s job is to find that, fix it, and get you back to your old self quickly and safely.
This – is what we do: it’s our specialty. Our urologists have been doing it longer than anybody else in all the Southeast. We’re the best at it. We own proprietary tools not available to others. Let us make your life much more fun and fulfilling!

*Atlanta’s Best ED Treatment Solution
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