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Before After Penis Surgery Photos

Our doctors are accomplished physicians and surgeons with over 30 years’ experience in penile enlargements procedures, treating male health issues, and promoting anti-aging for men. Penis surgery is one of our top requested enhancement procedures.

One of the frequently asked questions we receive is, “How much bigger will I get after penis surgery?” Several factors are involved in determining the size growth for each patient. We take the time to assess your options and share the anticipated number of inches to be gained based on prior cases. After surgery, the additional inches in girth and/or length can be measured. Of course additional size can be gained with penile stretching exercises performed at home, post-surgery.

Interested in seeing the size achieved by our patients? Many were willing to let us share their photos. Some have measurements with them. Morganstern Health has provided these photos to show you what others have experienced in inches gained post-surgery.

Penile Ligament Release Before and After Photos

before after pics ligament release
penis enlargement b4 after pic

Permanent Natural Length and Girth Size Before After Photos

b4 after penis pics girth surgery

Permanent Lengthening Before and After Photos

b4 after penis 1 inch longer
penis measured before after surgery
b4 after penis pics 1 inch extension
penis inches before and after surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Male Enhancement

Dr. Morganstern’s patients travel from the east (NYC Boston Philadelphia) south (Georgia Florida Alabama) and west coast (Las Vegas Seattle Phoenix Los Angeles) to receive treatments and undergo surgery at his Atlanta clinic. Our future enlargement clients often ask to see before and after penile size surgery pictures to know what they can expect with surgery. We have included photos of penises that have been enlarged permanently in both width and girth.

Feel free to ask any questions about the surgical procedure and non-surgical options. Our staff is discreet and honors confidentiality. We can talk about the expected inches to gain in circumference and/or length, the duration of the operation, cost and healing time before returning to sexual activity or work, or other questions you may have.

Penis Extension Options: Non-Surgical

Our doctors have expanded our options for penis extensions. One of our most popular procedures is non-surgical and is called our Instant Penile Enhancement. The procedure has produced excellent results and was developed by pioneer urologist and surgeon Dr. Steven Morganstern after of decades of research in finding the best way to enlarge the penis non-surgically.

Request an enlargement consultation call back below to discuss all enhancement options. Our male patient representatives will help you navigate your options and explain the procedures to you. We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the best solution for you. We are always discreet and maintain confidentiality.

Penis Surgery Pictures: Before After

We understand it is very valuable to men to be able to see what to expect from the resulting enhancement operation. As a general rule, you can expect 1-2 inches growth/ increase of length and width from our natural surgery process. The increase in size is applicable to both flaccid and erect penile states. Our website generally displays pictures in the flaccid state. We do plan to add some photos with erections as soon as they are available. 

Pre-op and Post-op penis extension surgery
Penis picture after extension surgery
Picture before penis surgery to increase girth length
Picture after penis surgery operation
3 years after pic penis surgery
Buried penis before surgery
After surgery hidden buried penis
Significant lengthening post surgery penises side by side
Penises side by side before and after surgeries
Larger penis pictures side by side before after
Longer thicker penises post-phalloplasty side by side

Penis Surgery Enhancements That Last

Dr. Morganstern has perfected the operating procedure after decades of development. His patients continue so share images post-surgery. Since Dr. Morganstern has been performing these surgeries for several years, he has historical information about how the penises hold up over time. The results are excellent. Patients have shared photos of themselves several years after the operation occurred. The top photograph below is a penis that was enlarged more than 2 decades ago. This patient is thrilled with his results in both aesthetics and functionality.

Picture penis 3 years following operation
Penis pictures increased thickness and length 8 years post surgery
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