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Innovative and Effective Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. Morganstern offers an advanced Peyronie’s Disease treatment that he perfected over the years to a 99.6% success rate without surgery. Simply put, his techniques work to straighten the penis. Many men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, which impacts their quality of life. Dr. Morganstern developed a three step protocol that works. He has corrected curvature with many men who were unsuccessful with other doctors. Even if a prior treatment didn’t work, chances are this will help resolve your curvature.

Highlights of New Peyronie’s Disease Treatments

  • Our doctors corrected the curvature associated with Peyronie’s Disease in over 500 different patients – our success list grows weekly.
  • Every compliant patient saw significant curve reduction from our new paradigm.
  • Our success is rooted in a new patent-pending technology that effectively breaks up the plaque and fibrotic tissue that structurally causes erect penile curvature.
  • We began or retrospective patient study in 2017. Outcomes will be published following the issuance of patents: hopefully in 2019.
  • Morgenstern’s CurveFree® Peyronie’s treatments are presently only available at our Atlanta, GA clinic.
  • We developed amended protocols to treat men traveling to Atlanta, GA that achieves similar results from the patient visiting our operation a few days each month until complete.
  • Popular health insurance platforms usually cover about 35% of the total cost of our proprietary therapies. The rest will be out-of-pocket from the patient and averages about $7,000 excluding any travel and lodging costs. Cost is highly dependent upon the severity and scope of plaque and fibrotic tissue.

Peyronie’s Disease: Starting Your Treatment Plan

What Makes Morganstern Best at Healing Peyronie’s Disease?

Once viewed as a potential “end game” to sexual performance and pleasure, we’re able to comprehensively reverse the effects of Peyronie’s Disease through our patented CurveFree® technology: it’s non-surgical, universally adaptable and it will heal your Peyronie’s.

Our proprietary process breaks down the diffuse plaque and/or plaque mass associated with Peyronie’s Disease while congruently rehabilitating the inner tissue essential to function and performance.

In simple terms?

You lose the severe curve and get your life back.

Our Doctors are the Recognized Leaders in Successful Treatment of Peyronie’s Disease

If you’ve already researched the causes of Peyronie’s disease – you probably discovered its caused by a build-up of plaque in your penile region. This plaque often accumulates in varied sizes, shapes, types, and locations.

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What exactly is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peryronie’s is a curvature of the penis that occurs during an erection. According to the National Institute of Health, the disease affects up to 10% of men. While some penis curvature is considered normal, an abnormally curved penis can cause pain with an erection and intercourse.

Some Common Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Listed below are some common symptoms of Peyronie’s:

  • Plaque Build-up – Plaque, or scar tissue, is usually felt underneath the skin of the penis. Lumps are sometimes felt.
  • Significant Penis Curvature – Depending on where the plaque build-up is, the penis may be curved to the side, downwards or upwards
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)- Men with Peyronie’s often face difficulty in obtaining and/or maintaining an erection.
    Penis Shortening – Over time, men often experience a reduction in penis length, if left untreated.
    Pain – The majority of patients find that erections are painful. Pain often occurs during orgasm, as well.

Common Causes of Peyronie’s Disease

Many patients want to know what causes Peyronie’s Disease in the first place. There are several known causes, with the most common listed below:

Damage during sex
Sports injury
Elevated cholesterol
Aging process
Some blood press medications

What Causes the Plaque Build Up on Penis

Plaque build-up can be caused by a variety of sources.

Penile stress or trauma from masturbation or sexual activity is a common source. When your body senses tissue stress – it provides the fastest possible fix to protect you,  most often with “sandbags of plaque” – to shore up further damage. Unfortunately, this automated response isn’t the best solution for your long-term penile health.

Some men are just prone to produce more plaque than others. Since the penis is a vascular organ like the heart – it depends upon intensive blood flow in order to function. Blood cells serve as carriers of plaque. Thus, this excessive plaque notoriously gets trapped during normal penile vascular function.

Regardless of how you ended up with extensive penile plaque – we provide solutions to find it, disperse it and remove it – without  cutting, stiches, or surgery

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Effective Innovative Treatments for Peyronie’s and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Dr. Morganstern is a pioneer in treating Peyronie’s Disease with endostimulation injections into the penis. Dr. Morganstern’s patients are experiencing excellent results. One recent patient reported a reduction in curvature from 75% to 35%, without surgery.

Dr. Morganstern treats the erectile dysfunction that often accompanies Peyronie’s with specific procedures he has developed over the years that have proven to be remarkably effective.  His non-invasive proprietary treatment increases blood flow to the penis.

Inquire about ED or Peyronie’s Disease treatments

You are welcome to request a discreet confidential phone call with us regarding penile enlargements, Peyronie’s treatment or erectile dysfunction.

For most urologists: Peyronie’s Disease is a “guessing game” – not so at Morganstern

At Morganstern, a non-surgical solution to your Peyronie’s Disease isn’t a guessing game – rather, it’s an exact science. Your penile curvature is most often rooted in one or several types of plaque within your penile tissue including diffuse, fibrous, intracorporeal, subcutaneous, and calcified – and their location and design varies like a complex puzzle.Vascular01

We track and analyze each piece that’s causing your unsightly bend – then map a solution to fix it.

It’s not a guessing game.

Comprehensive Blood Testing

Every doctor takes your blood: it provides the clearest immediate roadmap about what ails you beyond what you can verbalize. Ours is twice as intensive as you’ll see at typical urology practices and five-times more detailed than your family physician or men’s health center.

Why’s that?

Simple: there’s lots of reason’s your Peyronies symptoms got where they are now – and tracking down that underlying cause starts with blood work.

Proprietary Vascular Analysis

We provide a unique and detailed Doppler ultrasound of your penis to unlock keys to healing within your Peyronie’s.

cpUltrasounds allow us to clinically evaluate the size of the plaque, the degree of penile curvature and the severity of the associated erectile dysfunction. To perform this ultrasound study, medicine is injected into the penis to produce an erection which is then followed by a painless ultrasound probe.  This will determine the plaque volume, degree of curvature, arterial blood flow into the penis, and the ability of the veins to keep this blood from exiting the penis.

Your penile vascular health starts even before the Doppler kicks in – with an injection of PGE (Prostaglandin) into the bloodstream. PGE not only temporarily enhances groin area blood flow to allow results from your ultrasound to display vividly but also provides an “instant test” of the status of your erection function since it usually causes an immediate erection. Thus, if your Doppler erection is solid to extreme? We know your engine’s good – you probably just need a tune up. If a low to mild erection occurs from PGE – we already know there’s a hose and/or valve needing repair.

Additionally, your vascular analysis will illuminate the status of the other essential health aspects within your penis.

Doppler Ultrasound Study: What makes ours different?

Some men with a Peyronie’s diagnosis have already had a Doppler ultrasound of the penis at another doctor and question us: why do I need another one from you? Can’t you just use the information from my previous urologist?

We wish we could.

Unfortunately, other urologists perform a penile vascular analysis as an authentication of the Peyronie’s diagnosis versus a playbook for repair and healing. The way we craft a Doppler analysis effectively produces a “set of blueprints” we’ll follow in repairing your condition – as it reveals the type, size, location and relative density of all the plaque and fibrotic tissue that’s the underlying structural basis for your condition.

Experience taught us that Peyronie’s related plaque varies in size and density. Thus, when we start the demolition-comparable process of its removal we usually encounter areas comparable to a “plaster wall, cinder block wall and granite wall” – most men are dealing with a mixture of each type. Plaster walls are easiest to remove: granite blocks take longer. However, progress is always measureable and quantifiable through follow-up ultrasound analysis.

Endothelial Testing / Endograph

Your Endothelial testing provides a detailed analysis of your blood flow rates throughout your whole body – not just your groin area.

This analysis is crucial with a Peyronie’s diagnosis since the build-up of plaque in your penis is often sourced to another part of your body. In other words? The plaque problem is systemic. Without first tracing and fixing that source – our hard work improving your outcome could just be temporary.

Sometimes plaque build up in other parts of your body is a source for other aspects affecting your health that you might not be aware of directly.

Our Endograph testing will isolate the problem.

What are we looking for?

Our detailed blood and clinical analysis of your patient history will illuminate obvious solutions: the possibility of lower than ideal testosterone levels, elevated contra-performance indicators, plus any medications or lifestyle decisions that could be affecting your conditions.

We Analyze the Blood Flowing Through Your Penis

Pictures of curved penises diagram

Tests illuminate shortages that must be offset for the body to effectively heal Peyronie’s Disease.

We Scrutinize Plaque Throughout Your Penis

Peyronie's Plaque TypesThe unsightly and sometimes painful penile curvature associated with a Peyronie’s disease diagnosis is derived from build-up of varied forms of plaque – often in a variety of locations.

We own patent-pending exclusive treatments that effectively break-up and remove plaque causing this condition, but in order to do so? We must first discover and analyze each type, where it’s located, plus its exact size and concentration.

Once we’ve mapped the sources of your problem – we can fix it – without cutting, surgery or scarring.

Review of Findings

miling-patientOnce we’ve completed all your tests, we’ll analyze the results and schedule your face-to-face appointment with our trained Peyronie’s expert to review your results, explain your treatment options and answer any and all questions.

Importantly, we own patented, proprietary tools to remove plaque non-invasively: we are the very best at healing Peyronie’s disease.


Custom Patient Scorecard

After your review of findings with our skilled urologist, our clinical director will sit down and share our proprietary 65-point patient scorecard that exhibits all your various results, how they far against the norm of other men your same age – and what we can do to overcome any deficiencies. We do our best to provide workable solutions to every patient regardless of schedule, insurance or financial resources.

graph pictures curved penis results success

Your treatment plan is custom to you and your personal sexual health.

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