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Loss of Penile Size?

Two out of five men suffer effects of penile atrophy or genetic predisposition.

Restore Self-confidence and Performance.

Largest Selection of Enhancements

Morganstern’s physicians and surgeons want you to make the best decision regarding your male enhancement. We provide the widest variety of augmentation options under a single roof: so you can obtain the procedure that’s best suited for you. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” with male enhancement.

Penile Girth Augmentations

Non-Surgical Enhancements

  • Non-Surgical Girth Augmentation
  • Non-Surgical Glans Enhancement
  • Scrotox

Permanent Surgical Enhancements

  • PERMGIRTH One Inch Girth Enhancement Surgery

Penile Lengthening Augmentations

All penile lengthening augmentations require out-patient surgery. Results are all natural and permanent.

  • The MAXL One Inch Lengthening Surgery
  • The PERMMAXL One Inch Length / One Inch Girth Surgery
  • The MegaMAXL Two Inch Lengthening Procedure
  • The MegaCONTOUR Surgical Fat Pad Removal plus a MegaMAXL lengthening procedure

Ancillary Penile Augmentation Procedures

Fat Pad Surgical Reduction
Penoscrotal Webbing Revision
Master Circumcision

Girth & Thickness Augmentation

A man’s penile length is the source of the question of “How big are you?” In actuality, it’s increased male girth that’s proven to drive the most orgasmic response during intercourse.

Morganstern Health offers both surgical and non-surgical solutions for increasing penile thickness.

Fundamentally, both surgical and non-surgical width enhancement are accomplished in the exact same manner: by adding a bulking agent to the subcutaneous tissue that surrounds the penile organ. There’s a limit to how much we can safely add in a singular procedure but since human tissue is stretchable over time, most men can eventually achieve almost any point of desired thickness.

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Non-Surgical Penile Girth Enhancements

If you’re not interested in a surgical augmentation or your existing health diagnosis, age, or lifestyle habits indicate that a surgical enhancement would not achieve good results, we suggest you consider a non-surgical penile rejuvenation solution.

Morganstern Urology’s non-surgical penile augmentations are very popular with men who:

  1. Can’t afford the down-time associated with surgical solutions. Recovery time is minimal.
  2. Aren’t comfortable with the fact anesthesia is necessary for more invasive procedures. 99% of men getting a non-surgical penile augmentation can return to work the day after his enhancement.
  3. Smoke cigarettes and don’t want / can’t stop
  4. A non-surgical penile enhancement is a popular way to “try out” an enlargement. Those that love the increased size often evolve to a permanent surgical enhancement further down the line. With a non-surgical enhancement, sexual activity can usually be resumed in about seven days following the augmentation.

All Morganstern non-surgical enhancements are performed by a board certified urologist who also did a residency in plastic surgery plus he has a PhD in pharmacology. He’s one of the premier cosmetic urologic surgeons in the world.

Morganstern Non-Surgical Penile Girth Enhancement

Morganstern’s proprietary non-surgical penile enlargement procedure usually achieves about 1/2 inch increase in girth in a singular procedure. Your surgeon is one of an elite group who did his medical residency in both plastic surgery and urology. He knows as much or more about cosmetic enhancement of the penis than almost any doctor in the world.

If you want to add even more girth, you can usually do so within about three months after the first procedure and you can continue to add additional girth through subsequent procedures until you achieve your desired thickness.

You can also enlarge your Glans (the “head” of the penis) at the same time as a non-surgical girth enhancement.

Surgical Width Enhancement

Fat Grafting Procedure for Permanent Penile Thickness Enlargement

Originating from a need to restore lost penis size for Peyronie’s disease patients, the Morganstern Permanent Girth enhancement technique and technology was improved and perfected over a forty-year span of urologic innovation.

With our superior approach, the first step is to confirm the patient is a good candidate for an optimal outcome. Not all fatty tissue will transplant with success. Some potential tissue harvest sites result in uneven and less natural final results. Most men over 65 years old are not good tissue transplant candidates as the fatty cells deteriorate with age, making successful transplantation unlikely.

Cigarette smokers and chronic drinkers of alcoholic beverages are also not well suited for a tissue transplant for permanent girth increase. Finally, patients with a Type-II diabetes diagnosis and an A1C above a score of “7” will not succeed with this procedure.

PERMGIRTH Penile Thickening

PERMGIRTH Penile Thickening

The proprietary fat tissue transplant methodology is designed to create a permanent all natural one-inch increase in penile girth and is considered the gold standard within the world of penile augmentation.

Permanent Penile Lengthening Procedures

The simplest way to increase your penis length is through improved erections. The more engorged your penis becomes – the longer it grows. This fact is what makes “penis enlargement pills” legal to sell. All they have to do is include a known supplement that supports improved erections and by definition: it’s a “penis enlargement pill”.

Unfortunately, beyond improved erections there’s no effective way to increase the length of a penis without surgery beyond sub-millimeter improvements.

Every procedure to increase penile length will include a release of the ligaments that attach to the base of the penis organ from the pelvic bone.

All penile lengthening procedures require surgery. While girth enhancements improve flaccid length from the increased weight and size of the penis, all versions of non-surgical enhancement provide no measurable increase in erect penile length.

Your surgeon is one of an elite group who did his medical residency in both plastic surgery and urology. He knows as much or more about cosmetic enhancement of the penis than anyone in the world.

Morganstern MAXL Penile Lengthening

The MAXL penile lengthening procedure is designed to add one inch in length to the penis.

Morganstern’s MAXL penile lengthening is a permanent all natural penis lengthening augmentation involving surgical release of ALL suspensory ligaments that attach to the base of the penis from the pelvic bone area plus the deep ligament.

The MAXL penile lengthening procedure has an excellent track record providing an inch or more of increased penis length if patients follow the prescribed stretching regimens post-procedure.

ILLUSTRATION: How Length is Increased: 3 Drawings

Morganstern PERMMAXLTM Penile Lengthening

Morganstern’s PERMMAXL is our most popular surgical penile enhancement because it provides about an inch of permanent all natural increase in both the length and width of the penis in a singular procedure.

Two Procedures in One: The PERMMAXL includes two surgical procedures performed in congruence:

  1. A permanent penile lengthening procedure that includes the release of all the top and deep suspensory ligaments attached to the base of the organ
  2. The permanent penile width enhancement includes a fat tissue transplant harvested within available tissue from another part of the patient’s body. The extracted tissue is refined and sculpted into the subcutaneous layers situated around the penile organ.

Morganstern MegaMAXL Penile Lengthening

The primary objective of the MegaMAXL is to add about two inches in permanent all-natural penile length. One immediate inch is visible after surgery from the penile repositioning process. The second inch is achieved from stretching the penis to optimize the release of the ligaments

Occasionally, patients achieve more length than our two-inch primary objective. A smaller handful got less than two inches of length increase. The reason more length has been sometimes achieved is:

  • The patient had more than one inch of suitable penile tissue going straight back from under the pelvic bone for repositioning
  • The patient had extra-tight ligaments at the base of the penis
    • We cannot accurately determine if your body has aspects that will result in added length until after your surgery begins
    • The most length ever added from a MegaMAXL procedure was 3.1 inches

The MegaMAXL is the premier penile lengthening enhancement on the planet at this time.

Two Procedures in One: The MegaMAXL includes two surgical procedures performed in congruence

  1. A permanent penile lengthening procedure that includes the release of all the top and deep suspensory ligaments attached to the base of the organ
  2. A permanent penile lengthening procedure that involves repositioning approximately one-inch of the penis organ that’s presently situated inward to an outward status.

Morganstern MegaCONTOUR Penile Lengthening

The MegaCONTOUR provides a pathway for men with larger mid sections, pubic fat pads and/or patients with a mild or moderate buried or hidden penis diagnosis to achieve maximum penile lengthening in one remarkable procedure.

Three Procedures in One: The MegaCONTOUR includes three surgical procedures performed in congruence

  1. A permanent penile lengthening procedure that includes the release of all the top and deep suspensory ligaments attached to the base of the organ
  2. A permanent penile lengthening procedure that involves repositioning approximately one-inch of the penis organ that’s presently situated inward to an outward status.
  3. Surgical removal of an enlarged supra pubic fat pad, contouring reduced area to belly area, and recession and tightening of excess skin from reduced size to maintain a natural appearance.

ILLUSTRATION: How MegaCONTOUR Length & Pad is Resolved: 3 Drawings

Ancillary Penis Augmentation Procedures

Pubic Fat Pad Removal and Pubic Lift to Enhance Size

Since the Suprapubic Fat Pad is located directly above where the penis organ comes out from inside the body just under the pelvic bone, any increase in its size decreases the visual length of the penis.

The problems faced by men with oversized mons pubis include:

  1. In patients that have oversized pubic fat pads, the pad can begin to “pull” the base of the penis into the fatty tissue, causing the flaccid penis size to become smaller and a full length erection dependent upon “pressing down” of the base of the penis with your fingers in order to reveal its true length.
  2. Vaginal penetration depth is compromised by the increased mass at the base of the organ
  3. One recent analysis concluded that for every thirty-fifty pounds of excess weight added, a man will lose one inch of visible penis.
  4. In more severe cases, the pad can completely envelope the area and bury the penis beneath the skin surface (aka buried penis / hidden penis).
  5. Standing to urinate can become challenging or eventually require catheterization

Morganstern’s three versions of fat pad correction include:

1. Mini-Fat Pad Removal

Our Mini-Fat Pad removal is available for an additional charge during lengthening procedures. Usually, we can’t perform this procedure with our penile length and width enlargement PERMMAXL because of the risk for excessive edema which can negatively affect the log term viability of transplanted tissue for penile girth enlargement

ILLUSTRATION: Fat Pad Reduction Options

2. Surgical Fat Pad Removal

Morganstern Urology performs a customized version of a procedure commonly referred to as a monoplasty (or pubic lift) to correct an oversized mons pubis diagnosis in men. In our iterations of a monoplasty, the excess fatty tissue is surgically removed via a horizontal incision along the belly fat line plus excising of any extra skin and tightening of the surrounding tissue – resulting in a complete reduction of the bulging fat and more taut appearance. Additionally, we always maintain a focused effort upon the final aesthetic presentation of the penile organ.

3. MegaCONTOUR Fat Pad Removal & Penile Lengthening Procedure

Morganstern’s MegaCONTOURTM combines a surgical pubic fat pad reduction with a MegaMAXL penile lengthening procedure. It’s indicated for patients where simply reducing the fat pad will have only minimal effect with enhancing penile protrusion or in patients suffering from an engorged pubic fat pad plus a less than desired natural penis length.

Cosmetic Treatments for the Scrotum

Cosmetic augmentation and redesigning of the scrotum can play a huge role in the improved appearance and sexual performance of the penis. Morganstern Urology offers a number of pathways to resolve scrotal-related penile issues.

Penoscrotal Webbing Repair

Penoscrotal webbing cases are often classified into two different categories by severity: mild and significant. Both types are repaired surgically and require twilight anesthesia of an epidural with IV sedation. Also, in both cases our surgeon performs a lift of the tissue which sages with age, creating a more visually appealing outcome.

ILLUSTRATION: Scrotoplasty Outcomes


Another relatively common occurrence is a build up or excess of scrotal tissue around the base of the penile organ. This glut of tissue visually minimizes the length of the penis, particularly when flaccid. Removing it creates a longer-looking and more aesthetically appealing penis. Removal of built up scrotal tissue at the base of the penis. Removed tissue reconstituted under base of penis to help improve visible length.

ILLUSTRATION: Foundoplasty Before / After

The Morganstern Foundoplasty is a minor surgical procedures that frees the penis from the retracted state from excess tissue at the base of the penis. A portion of the excised tissue is repurposed under the base of the penis organ to cause it to jut-out a bit: making it appear even longer when flaccid.


For men with unnaturally high positioned testicles or patients suffering from testicular shrinkage from testosterone therapy or similar treatments, a popular solution is the injection of BOTOX® (appropriately, this procedure is referred to as “Scrotox) into strategic points within the scrotal area.

This procedure relaxes the taut tissue and muscles providing a more natural relaxed appearance where the testicles hang freely. This is also a popular option for men with naturally high or contracted scrotums, as the active ingredient in BOTOX relaxes muscles and causes them to “hang loose.”


Circumcisions are a common pre-cursor to many of our augmentation procedures. If your circumcision was poorly executed at birth, you might need to get a scrotal lift before any lengthening procedure since a further advancement of that tissue along the shaft from added lengthening will cause the condition to worsen.

We require every patient be circumcised before we perform any type of girth enhancement.

Why is that?

Since all girth enhancements are achieved through adding some form of bulking agent to the subcutaneous tissue surrounding the penis organ, there’s a strong likelihood that the bulking agent will eventually migrate to the foreskin during the normal activity of sexual intercourse and masturbation. Such a shift is unsightly and inhibits the healthy retraction of the foreskin. We have performed countless surgical repairs of patients who received a girth enhancement elsewhere that migrated to the foreskin. We recognize its bad healthcare and insist a patient get a circumcision before augmenting penile girth.

Morganstern Master Circumcision

We offer a master circumcision as an out-patient procedure at our clinic. If you can plan to add girth to your penis, we leave a little bit of extra skin near the distal portion of the shaft to create an even larger subsequent sickening procedure.

ILLUSTRATION: Circumcision Before After

A circumcision can’t be performed the same time as a girth enhancement as the healing pressure on the tissue works in opposite directions. A circumcision must be completely at least ninety days before any type of girth augmentation.

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