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Innovative and Effective Treatment for Peyronie’s Disease

Dr. Morganstern offers an advanced Peyronie’s Disease treatment that he perfected over the years to a 99.6% success rate without surgery. Simply put, his techniques work to straighten the penis. Many men suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, which impacts their quality of life. Dr. Morganstern developed a three step protocol that works. He has corrected curvature with many men who were unsuccessful with other doctors. Even if a prior treatment didn’t work, chances are this will help.

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What exactly is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peryronie’s is a curvature of the penis that occurs during an erection. According to the National Institute of Health, the disease affects up to 10% of men. While some penis curvature is considered normal, an abnormally curved penis can cause pain with an erection and intercourse.

Some Common Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease

Listed below are some common symptoms of Peyronie’s:

  • Plaque Build-up – Plaque, or scar tissue, is usually felt underneath the skin of the penis. Lumps are sometimes felt.
  • Significant Penis Curvature – Depending on where the plaque build-up is, the penis may be curved to the side, downwards or upwards
  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED)- Men with Peyronie’s often face difficulty in obtaining and/or maintaining an erection.
    Penis Shortening – Over time, men often experience a reduction in penis length, if left untreated.
    Pain – The majority of patients find that erections are painful. Pain often occurs during orgasm, as well.

Common Causes of Peyronie’s Disease

Many patients want to know what causes Peyronie’s Disease in the first place. There are several known causes, with the most common listed below:

Damage during sex
Sports injury
Elevated cholesterol
Aging process
Some blood press medications

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Effective Innovative Treatments for Peyronie’s and Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Dr. Morganstern is a pioneer in treating Peyronie’s Disease with endostimulation injections into the penis. Dr. Morganstern’s patients are experiencing excellent results. One recent patient reported a reduction in curvature from 75% to 35%, without surgery.

Dr. Morganstern treats the erectile dysfunction that often accompanies Peyronie’s with specific procedures he has developed over the years that have proven to be remarkably effective.  His non-invasive proprietary treatment increases blood flow to the penis.

Stem Cell Implantation Treatments

Dr. Morganstern can utilize autologous stem cell implantation when indicated to replace damaged or non-functional penile tissue. Autologous means the stem cells are harvested from your fat using liposuction. He can also utilize platelet-rich plasma (PRP), which is derived from your own blood. Blood is taken using normal venipuncture technique. It is spun down and the platelet-rich plasma, containing growth factors, is separated out and injected into the penis. This procedure significantly speeds up growth and healing of damaged penile tissue. Both procedures are done in-office.

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